Many people who are runners or walkers have some sort of foot pain at some point in their lives.

Did you know that 85% of these people are actually wearing the wrong shoes, which can lead to increased food, heel and joint paint ,especially if you already have higher arches or underpronation.

Undepronation is a condition where the foot rolls outwards when running, and it can be quite painful by itself, let alone with the incorrect shoe support.

Furthermore, did you know that this condition can actually be correct with the proper foot support?

All the more reason to invest in the right pair of shoes to prevent and correct underpronation if you already have it.

Common signs include: Shin splints, Achilles pain, heel pain, outer knee pain, swelling in the ankle or foot, ankle sprains, and blisters.

If it sounds like you may be experiencing symptoms due to underpronation, then you’ve come to the right place!

Style Within Reach recommend some of the below shoes and we’ve added some of our picks here too:

Brooks Ghost 11

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Year after year the Brooks Ghost 11 is the number one pick for runners and walkers who experience pain from underpronation.

It has a bilateral cushion design that provides the right support and makes the shoe shock absorbent.

Basically you will feel like you are running on the cloud rather than a hard surface.

These shoes are especially great if you have medium to high arches because of the extra level of support they provide.

Although on the pricier side, they have excellent reviews and will keep you from having to stop jogging or walking because of pain caused by underpronation.

Brooks has lots of great running shoes, you can browse more here.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7

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If you are a long distance runner and you run every single day, you need a shoe that is not only comfortable but durable and long lasting and this is the one for you.

This shoe has a blown rubber outsole that protects if from wearing down as quickly as other running shoes.

The upper mesh is breathable and most importantly, it has extra midsole cushion and support.

New Balance shoes come in X-wide, Wide, Narrow or Standard versions so they comfortable fit each unique foot.

If you like to go the distance, this is the shoe for you.

See more New Balance Running Shoes here!

Hoka One Clifton 5

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Hoka One produces perhaps one of the most lightweight shoes on the market but without compromising support to the foot.

With an overload of midsole foam, their adaptive foot design is make to absorb any shock while providing support to the arches of your foot.

This helps prevent pain caused by underpronation or high arches.

It is praised by customers who suffer from pain caused by underpronation who swear by this shoe for walking and running.

If you are a heavier runnier, then this extra cushion and lightweight design is ideal for you.

If you thinking about giving up walking/running or have already given it up due to pain from underpronation, we stongly urge you to try out a pair of these shoes.

So many people have been able to reverse and correct the symptoms of underpronation with he proper footwear.

Don’t give up on something you love, simply just change your shoes, it’s that simple!