Managing Muscle Pain After a Weekend of Physical Labour

When you do a lot of physical labour, especially house or yard work, it can be hard to avoid the discomfort and stiffness that often arises. However, you can help yourself to feel less sore by keeping a few simple things in mind.

Pace yourself – don’t try to do it all in one day!

Many people overdo it when they are tackling their house or yard work, which can make them feel tired and sore later on. Instead, spread the work out over two or three days, and only do one task on a single day. This can reduce the intensity and strain on your muscles as well as make you more productive.

Drink plenty of water – this will keep you hydrated and help improve circulation to your muscles. You might also want to ice your sore areas to decrease any inflammation and relieve pain.

Exercise safely and slowly – this can be the hardest thing to do in terms of managing muscle pain, but it is essential to avoid overdoing it too quickly and risking injury or overuse syndrome. Muscles can be very sensitive and can respond poorly to sudden increases in exercise duration or frequency.

A common type of exercise-induced muscle soreness is delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which develops a couple of days after a workout. It’s a sign that your body needs more time to adjust to a particular movement or load, says Juliet Hilsop, Total Body Physio, who a few years ago was voted most influential clinician in the field of back pain.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between soreness and muscle pain — and it can be hard to know whether you’ve injured yourself or just need to rest and recover. But if your soreness lasts longer than a few days or doesn’t go away, it’s important to call your doctor right away.

DOMS can be caused by many different things, including poor circulation in the muscle, which results in micro tears that are painful and weaken the muscles, says orthopedic surgeon Mark S. Schickendantz, MD.

Other causes of soreness include myofascial trigger points, which are small spots throughout soft tissue that get very tight and don’t get the blood flow they need. These trigger points can cause persistent aches that are difficult to treat.

Overuse and stress – these are also common reasons why many people experience sore muscles after a weekend of physical labour such as moving house, gardening and home renovation to name a few. It’s a good idea to take steps to manage these kinds of muscle pain at home before it gets worse or leads to an injury, such as getting more rest, reducing your stress, and improving your posture and ergonomics.

Managing muscle pain with meditation and other techniques for relaxation can be helpful too. These can be done at home or in the office and may improve your sleep as well as help to alleviate muscle pain.

Ultimately, muscle pain that is not relieved by rest, ice, or over-the-counter medications should be seen by a health care professional. If your pain is intense and lasts more than a few days, it could be a sign of an injury that needs medical attention, such as a serious muscle tear, rhabdomyolysis, or a spinal cord injury.

Shoes for Walking and Running with People who have underpronation for Men & Women

Many people who are runners or walkers have some sort of foot pain at some point in their lives.

Did you know that 85% of these people are actually wearing the wrong shoes, which can lead to increased food, heel and joint paint ,especially if you already have higher arches or underpronation.

Undepronation is a condition where the foot rolls outwards when running, and it can be quite painful by itself, let alone with the incorrect shoe support.

Furthermore, did you know that this condition can actually be correct with the proper foot support?

All the more reason to invest in the right pair of shoes to prevent and correct underpronation if you already have it.

Common signs include: Shin splints, Achilles pain, heel pain, outer knee pain, swelling in the ankle or foot, ankle sprains, and blisters.

If it sounds like you may be experiencing symptoms due to underpronation, then you’ve come to the right place!

Style Within Reach recommend some of the below shoes and we’ve added some of our picks here too:

Brooks Ghost 11

Via Amazon

Year after year the Brooks Ghost 11 is the number one pick for runners and walkers who experience pain from underpronation.

It has a bilateral cushion design that provides the right support and makes the shoe shock absorbent.

Basically you will feel like you are running on the cloud rather than a hard surface.

These shoes are especially great if you have medium to high arches because of the extra level of support they provide.

Although on the pricier side, they have excellent reviews and will keep you from having to stop jogging or walking because of pain caused by underpronation.

Brooks has lots of great running shoes, you can browse more here.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7

Via Amazon

If you are a long distance runner and you run every single day, you need a shoe that is not only comfortable but durable and long lasting and this is the one for you.

This shoe has a blown rubber outsole that protects if from wearing down as quickly as other running shoes.

The upper mesh is breathable and most importantly, it has extra midsole cushion and support.

New Balance shoes come in X-wide, Wide, Narrow or Standard versions so they comfortable fit each unique foot.

If you like to go the distance, this is the shoe for you.

See more New Balance Running Shoes here!

Hoka One Clifton 5

Via Amazon

Hoka One produces perhaps one of the most lightweight shoes on the market but without compromising support to the foot.

With an overload of midsole foam, their adaptive foot design is make to absorb any shock while providing support to the arches of your foot.

This helps prevent pain caused by underpronation or high arches.

It is praised by customers who suffer from pain caused by underpronation who swear by this shoe for walking and running.

If you are a heavier runnier, then this extra cushion and lightweight design is ideal for you.

If you thinking about giving up walking/running or have already given it up due to pain from underpronation, we stongly urge you to try out a pair of these shoes.

So many people have been able to reverse and correct the symptoms of underpronation with he proper footwear.

Don’t give up on something you love, simply just change your shoes, it’s that simple!

9 Favorite Foods for a Wonderful Superbowl

Even if you do not honestly follow football closely or whatsoever – everyone commemorates the Superbowl. It can be fun for every person involved; there are new funny commercials, over the top pre-game and halftime shows, as well as a reason to have a party, consume excessively.

The foods that are associated with this event are admittedly geared a lot more towards guys as well as meat-eaters. However, you could find a veggie or legume on the list too. Some things on the list can be made as unhealthily or healthful as you like by the ingredients you utilize.

Many would concur that the Superbowl is about food, good friends and also fun! So take out your smoker grill combo and get ready for a feast.
Chips, Dips, Salsa

This is a big umbrella of general “junk food” or” fast food.” Beer nuts or any nuts are nearly a pre-requisite for a Football celebration anyhow. Some wonderful appetizers are now almost associated with Football. For instance: Nachos – whether you just put some thawed cheese on them or go for it with salsa, guacamole, jalapenos, black olives, refried beans and spiced ground meat – these are always a group pleaser. There’s additionally the “old fashioned” Chex mix that is quite a sweet retro treat. The acquisition, various Chex grain flavors, include mini pretzels, some peanuts, melt some butter, and also honey with some kicked up seasonings – blend them entirely and spread them out on a cookie sheet in the stove on 350 for 15-20 minutes. Terrific things.
Baked Beans

The timeless baked bean recipe could take control of 24 hours to prepare and also offer. It entails saturating the dry beans which use up most of the time and marinating as well as cooking the beans in a combination of Molasses, brown sugar as well as BARBEQUE sauce.

Steak Tips

There are additionally Turkey, Swordfish and also hen around. Whichever you pick, marinating them in a good sauce very first is a must. The steak will require the lengthiest in a marinade but, all them will undoubtedly be excellent once they are smoked on a nice warm grill. Set pointers with Salad and also a combined rice and you are prepared!

Our family likes Italian submarine sandwiches from the local deli cut up into 2 or 3-inch size sandwiches. Warm peppers are a need yet needs to probably be “on the side” for the much less inclined. Any sandwiches will function actually, and also Calzones which are not genuinely taken into consideration sandwiches are a terrific option.

Well, I had to place it on the list. It is actually popular as a football food. It’s not absolutely my selection but, taking into consideration that watching football is a male-driven, as well as most males, are not into cooking, it makes good sense that something you can grab the phone and have actually delivered within 30 minutes (males are not generally coordinators either) would certainly get on the listing.
Barbecue Pork

This option is really for a dedicated bbq emergency room and also will certainly take some time to do right, however, kid. It is well worth it. You have to start this food selection thing the day before you want to appreciate it. It takes a cigarette smoker as well as a pork butt, some excellent completely dry rub, a mop sauce (this is important regarding I am concerned) as well as some great BARBEQUE sauce in addition to a dedication to the low and slow-moving means of food preparation. Along with the pulled pork, outlined some hamburger buns, residence made the cold slaw, as well as some chips and you have the best football party meal.

There is a whole big dispute concerning the best type of meat to use and also the best method to prepare ribs that is virtually as hotly questioned as who is going to win the large video game. Two points I can inform you concerning ribs: 1. They are hard to prepare just right and also, 2. When they are cooked properly, they are scrumptious! My recommendation to you is to buy some ribs at your best local BBQ restaurant or grocery market as well as pop them in your stove before your close friends show up, set out your preferred BBQ sauce as well as pass them off as your personal development. See if anybody figures it out.
Sausages and Hot Dogs

These may not appeal to those of you that get on a health food kick yet, truly there have actually been substantial improvements in the hotdog and sausage varieties, and many are now more healthy alternatives than various other choices. And also really, what’s much better than a wonderful Italian Sausage surrounded by sauteed peppers and also onions with lots of mustard all wrapped up in a bun – mum. You can walk at half time to earn for it.


Okay, No surprise here. I have no idea specifically how Chicken Wings became the informal Football food. However, I am great with it. Wings are straightforward when making, and you could make little batches at once which is great if you are unsure the number of people will undoubtedly be turning up demanding to be prey on the big day. The key to hot wings is the Wing sauce. There are virtually as several brand names of Wing sauce these days as bbq sauce as well as mustard! That tells a something concerning just how prominent these infants are.

Everything You Need to Know About Training Soreness in Combat Sports

Training soreness also known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is a sign of a great workout session you had the day before. But this leaves your body with crippling pain that makes you want to stay on the bed for days. It sucks because it can limit your body to do even basic day to day tasks. In this article, we’re going to expand the entirety of DOMS and how to prevent it.

What in The World is Training Soreness (DOMS)?

  • DOMS is not just your ordinary muscle pain, it’s a painful reaction that extends to all of your muscles in your entire body. It can make your muscle stiff and achy and this happens approximately 48 hours after you’ve done an intense training or workout session. Some athletes see this as a sign of a good training session because it means more pain more gain for them. When in fact, the less your muscles get sore means being able to get back on the gym sooner and possibly performing better.

What Causes DOMS?

  • So what causes DOMS to happen? The most common culprit of DOMS are as follows:
  • Changed exercise routine: New exercises, drills, and positions
  • Intensive training activity: Heavier, stronger, and faster training sessions
  • Longer training sessions: Hours of training with little to no breaks
  • DOMS can also worsen when certain muscular contraction occurs. Eccentric1 contractions are the worst, which is then followed by static contraction and then finally, concentric contractions which causes the least amount of DOMS. A lot of theories are made of what really causes DOMS but the most viable one is where pain is made due to intensive exercises which causes microscopic damage to the muscles and its connective tissues.

How Can We Prepare Our Body for DOMS?

  • One thing to minimize having DOMS is knowing and understanding the causes behind it. By only doing optimal intensity of exercise sessions without going any further, you’re less likely to experience any pain and stiffness. Doing proper and functional warm ups can also help your muscles and connective tissues to prepare for intensive workouts that you will do later on.
  • When you start doing new exercises, it’s better to start slow at first then gradually increasing its intensity later on. This enables your muscles to be familiar with the movement in the beginning so that it won’t be surprised when you increase its intensity while doing the work later on.
  • You’ll also minimize your chances of getting DOMS by doing post workout cool-down and stretching sessions. Doing so will improve your blood/lymph circulation and restore your muscle strength to enable you to do more. Asking the question “How can I prevent soreness?” is wrong. Why not ask yourself “How can I make recovery and adaptation faster?”. We can never prevent DOMS from happening, but long as you look after your body by eating well and getting proper sleep, your body will probably thank you later.

What to Do Once Your Body is Sore

  • You must understand the relationship between the cause and effect first to balance the two. Is it too painful that prevents you from doing day to day tasks? If that is the case, then rest. Or how about going on a walk in the park, or a short swim at the pool and even doing yoga so that it can help speed up your recovery from DOMS. You can also try getting a body massage on your local spa too. Body massage is great for reducing inflammation in your muscles due to intensive training. It also increases recovery and adaptation to exercise.
  • Although ice baths and cold showers can also reduce inflammation and DOMS, recent studies show that it will block muscle repair and growth so it’s better to stay away from these two.