Anderson Silva BuSTED for Using Steroids (Sarms Alternative) by USADA!

Anderson Silva is positive for 2 distinct things in his the newest USADA drug test, Sporting News confirmed Feb 2nd.

The UFC legend had both methyltestosterone & a diuretic turn up in the program of his inside a sample collected Oct. 26th many sources confirmed.

Methyltestosterone is viewed as an anabolic representative in the UFC anti doping policy, which has a maximum suspension of 2 seasons. Silva, forty two, has denied knowingly wasting any banned substances and is now starting the adjudication procedure with USADA.

Per MedicineNet, methyltestosterone is a drugs utilized by males whose bodies can’t produce enough testosterone and it is akin to the organic testosterone a body creates. It is able to also consider breast cancer in postmenopausal females.

Methyltestosterone is an artificial anabolic steroid. Many UFC professionals are resorting to these types of anabolics and others, including Peptides and types of alternative SARMS for rapid Weight loss (Cardarine) and boosting Testosterone Levels (RAD140), many of which can be purchased from

Silva, the former UFC middleweight champion, tested positive for anabolic steroids in several drug tests in relation to his UFC 183 battle with Nick Diaz in 2015. He was suspended one season by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) because of the infraction. USADA can consider that failed drug test when it adjudicates Silva’s present situation, per policy.

USADA won’t comment on particular situations unless an athlete or maybe his or maybe her staff comments on it initially. Per the Combate article, Silva’s staff is attempting to obtain the prior positive drug test thrown out there since it wasn’t under the UFC anti doping policy, that went into effect later on in 2015.

If USADA considers the drug test failure from 3 years ago, Silva might be facing a four year suspension.

Silva, among the best UFC champions of all time, was yanked from the UFC Shanghai main event against Kelvin Gastelum in November if the good drug test result came back.

Silva (34 8, one NC) still has the record for many consecutive victories in the UFC (sixteen) and also earlier had the mark for many consecutive title defenses (ten) before Demetrious Johnson broke it final year. “The Spider” continues to be deemed among the most brilliant mma fighters in the sport’s record by many, but his late career doping problems have cast a shadow over the amazing achievements of his.

Massaging Sore Muscles: Secrets of the Car Buffer?

After reading an article on AugustaFreePress going over five untold buffing, secrets, we thought we would reveal one more secret for the AFL Sports readers. Believe it or not, your car buffer can be used as a massager!

Massage therapy has it’s place and has long proven to treat sore muscles and the wear and tear. With that said, you can be hard pressed to find services that offer localized vibration therapy. The vibration increases circulation and can spot reduce pain. This allows more blood to get into the muscle making it more pliable.

Cost of a Buffer Compared to Competitors

You can find a car buffer in your local Home Depot for around $30-$50. You won’t need special features because you won’t be using this on your vehicle. The only wheels it will be touching are your quads and hamstrings.

Compare this to specialized tools like the TheraGun at a whopping $599. Or maybe even consider the HyperSphere, a massage ball costing $150. You can start to see why fitness enthusiasts and the professionals alike opt to use a car buffer.

Some of the Disadvantages

As will everything, there are some disadvantages. A decent orbital buffer with 3,000 rpm is going to require electricity. This means they aren’t that portable, unless you have access to an inverter. In this case, a foam roller might be the better massage tool.

If you have sensitive skin, this might be a bad idea. This can tend to heat up and dry out your skin. If you have this issue, be sure that you massage in a delicate manner as you might give yourself rug burn. Make sure you get a soft sheepskin to minimize this problem.

Tips for Massaging with a Buffer

If it’s your first time using a car buffer for massaging, you might experience a friction burn. Avoid wearing baggy clothing as it will make this problem even worse. With that said, clothing that stays tight to your skin like compression pants and shirts are fine.

Just like a massage, start with several passes over the area to warm up muscles. Start with light pressure and then increase pressure on the buffer as you go. You may even turn the buffer on it’s side to get that “elbow” grease you need.


Buffer puns aside, you can start to see how this tool has made it into gyms everywhere.

Lastly, we would recommend buying different pads based on your measurements. A 6″ pad would work great for your “detail work” (last one, we swear) like arms, calves, and forearms. A 10″ pad would work great for larger areas like the back and legs.

Get the Most Out of Winter Training by Following These Essential Tips

Winter training is different than your usual training during summer or any other sunny season. It’s colder obviously and tougher, which can be a challenge especially when we want to maintain our shape even during winter. So how do we motivate ourselves to get up from our beds and train during the cold season? Here are ten tips down below.

  1. Know Your Purpose
  • First things first, we need to define why we started such a thing in the first place. Once we found out the answer of such, we are now more motivated to push forward despite of the challenges that lies ahead. Ask yourself why working out is important for you. Is it for your family? For your friends? Or just for yourself? Answer these questions and you’ll find yourself preparing that gear bag ready to go beyond.
  1. Set Your Goals
  • Now that you’ve found your purpose, a vision is also established for yourself. Once you’ve established a vision, you’ll need to create goals that can be easily achieved. Don’t try to create goals that’s hard to achieve. This will only result to achieving nothing at all. Try breaking it down into smaller ones that are doable daily or even weekly as long as it’s achievable.
  1. Plan Ahead of Time
  • Winter is indeed more challenging compared to sunny seasons. And planning ahead of time can help you overcome the challenges this season has to offer. Planning wiser and smarter is the key if you want your winter training to be successful. Jot down all the workout sessions that you need to do during winter. Also keep a lookout for the weather forecast so you can plan what kind of gear you need to bring for your outdoor winter training sessions.
  1. Be Organized
  • Some people tend to be more successful during tough and messy situations. But for some, being organized gives you a higher chance to succeed on your goals. This is the case when you go for a jog in the park during the cold winter morning. Prepare your things the night before and put them somewhere near your bed for easy access when the morning comes.
  1. Wear the Right Gear
  • Cotton-made clothes tends to stay wet when you sweat so it’s better to avoid wearing such. Instead, layer yourself with fleece to keep you warm. Opt for a good pair of gloves as well because hands are more sensitive to cold. Keep your feet warm by wearing the right footwear that’s made for the colder season.
  1. Drop it Back
  • It’s important to maintain your momentum even during winter. Strip down your workout routine into smaller parts to get things done more easily. Once you have the energy to get back after, there’ll be plenty of time for you to do the supplementary stuff.
  1. Combine Your Workout Activities
  • Incorporate workouts that you enjoy doing in your daily routine. This enables you to stay motivated and achieve more on the long run. Think of your training sessions as a time for self-reflection. It will shift your mind from doing hard work into something that you do for yourself.
  1. Get a Pair
  • Having a friend to work out and train with you enables you to do more rather than doing anything by yourself. Join a club or invite a friend over to help you out in your sessions. This will make your training sessions more fun, enjoyable and less lonelier.
  1. Make it a Part of Your Routine
  • Make your workout sessions a part of your daily routine to keep its consistency intact. The more you do it every day, the more you realize that training has now become a part of your life. This enables you to achieve more and do more.
  1. Reward Yourself
  • There’s nothing better than rewarding yourself with a hot bath after an intense workout session out in the cold. It’s not just limited to hot baths obviously, get yourself a cup of hot chocolate, or book yourself a massage in the spa, or eat out with your friend. Think of these as rewards for all the hard work you’ve done. This keeps your motivation strong and makes you want to do more in the long run.

Essential Fitness Training Tips for Building Your Bodies Fitness Components

When we train our body, it’s essential to know which fitness components are important so that we’ll know which of these parts we should focus on. This enables us to make a fitness training program that’s dedicated for that particular fitness component.

Overall Fitness Demands of a Sport

– One way to create a fitness training program is to rate the fitness components by the sport you’re going to use it. This enables you to create ratings such as low, moderate, high, or combinations of low-moderate or moderate-high.
– High and moderate-high ratings are the ones you should prioritize and it’s important to choose the right training activities that will benefit these components the most. Here are a few things to keep in mind while determining the physical demands of sports.
• Don’t pressure yourself with classifications
• Create the right balance of targeted training activities especially during off-season training phases and maintain them during competitive seasons.


– Before doing such, consider asking yourself questions like: Does this sport require continuous, sustained activity, short bursts of intense activity, or a combination of both? Examples of high and low to moderate aerobic is by doing distance running. While Javelin on the other hand is low to high aerobic. Soccer is high for both while Archery is low for both.
– This gives you a chance to see that every sport has different intensities, how long each of them lasts, and finally, how much time you need to recover between each activity.


– After aerobics, let’s talk about strength. Strength benefits Olympic lifters the most, while marathon runners don’t. On the other hand, Basketball players has a fair share of moderate to high strength levels. See what type of strength are you targeting on depending on the sport you’ve chosen and which muscle groups does it emphasizes. Decide how will you combine these components when determining the physical demands of sports.


– After strength, speed comes into play. Activities such as sprints and tennis requires intensive use of speed, while activities such as bowling requires only low to moderate speed. Combining balance of speed, strength, and endurance can enhance speed development in the long run.


– Power is just speed and strength combined together. Sports such as softball pitching requires high power development. Whereas a goalie in ice hockey only needs low to moderate power. Plan your fitness program by determining how frequently will you require using power and how long these power-related activities will last.


– Agility is the ability to move quickly while changing directions in an activity. Gymnastics requires high agility while golf only requires low agility.


– Endurance is the repeating of submaximal muscle contractions for long periods of time during an activity. Rowing events and cross country skiing requires high amounts of endurance, while ski jumping on the other hand, only requires low endurance.


– Flexibility is the ability to move through long ranges of motions that uses your joints and muscles at the same time. Flexibility is of high importance for diving activities, but of low to moderate importance during long distance speed skating. Improve your range of motion by focusing on a specific joint that requires the greatest flexibility by doing a particular sport.

Fitness and sport skill testing plays a vital role in creating a fitness program for different types of athletes and individuals. Now that you know which fitness component benefits on each type of activity, you can now create your own fitness program depending on what type of component you want to improve. Have fun and enjoy a much healthier and fitter you.

Top Five Most Physically Demanding Sports

All kinds of sports are physically demanding in each of their own ways. But among all of them, there are five that really stands out among the rest to become one of the most physically demanding sports. So what are these five sports we’re talking about?

  1. Boxing
  • There’s no doubt Boxing is included in the list. It’s considered one of the most physically demanding sport because those who do must know how to control their anger. During the game, boxers must defeat their opponent by blowing punches using their fist, while avoiding getting punched at the same time from their opponent. Mentally inclined boxing is a different kind of thing where it involves other parts of the body such as the heart and lungs.
  1. Moto Crossing
  • Although not actually physically demanding, Moto Crossing is a sport that’s mentally challenging. In the sport, Cyclist must ride their bikes through rough terrains while maintaining their balance at the same time. The terrains also vary by difficulty depending on the kind of terrain you’re going through. These terrains include steep hills, rocky roads, wet and muddy areas that can really challenge players up to their limits. Riders in this sport must be mindful about their diet and training to become smart and more athletic because this kind of racing has no breaks.
  1. Triathlon
  • Triathlon on the other hand, is a sport that requires high amounts of endurance. This is because the athletes must undergo different types of sports continuously while covering a variety of distances. Various sports included in this activity are swimming, cycling, and running, and this is why having a strong endurance is important if you want to enter this sport. Athletes in this sport definitely prioritized their diet program to keep their body in shape to withstand every part of this activity. Triathlon may be difficult, but it isn’t impossible to try one as long as your mental and physical health is on peak.
  1. Basketball
  • While Triathlon uses both mental and physical health, Basketball on the other hand, requires the most fitness. Basketball is a sport that involves all of your body parts to perform various actions such as dribbling, attacking, defending, and shooting. The aim of the sport is to toss the ball into the opponent’s basket and score as high as possible. This makes basketball a physically demanding sport that requires a high level of fitness.
  1. Swimming
  • When we talk about swimming, one question comes into mind: Is swimming the hardest sport of them all? When we look upon it deeply, swimming uses both arms and legs to propel the body under water. During swimming, the water provides about 12 times the resistance a person would normally have while in land, thus making swimming one of the hardest and most physically demanding sport of all time.

To sum it all up, all sport activities requires a certain amount of training. But those sports who require high physical demands must push themselves further by doing harder training to lose more calories while performing such particular sports. The most important thing if you’re an athlete is that you must ready yourself both physically and mentally to conquer whatever sport activity you’re involved in.

Stephen Curry in 2016

Newbie Stephen Curry is half of a standout amongst the most element backcourts in the NBA, with Monta Ellis, for the Golden State Warriors at an age of 21 years. With the group winning less than 30 percent of its recreations, the ascent of Curry and correlations with his dad, previous NBA star Dell Curry, are about all Warrior fans need to cheer about.

Both of Stephen’s folks were star competitors at Virginia Tech, Dell in b-ball and his mom Sonya in volleyball. In spite of his parentage, Stephen Curry was censured by the Virginia Tech Hokier. Virginia Tech was willing to concede Stephen to class, yet would just permit him to tryout for the b-ball group without a grant as a stroll on.

Rather, Stephen Curry relinquished his fantasy of playing in the ACC and acknowledged a grant to mid-significant school Davidson of the Southern Conference where he turned into a three-year starter and was twice named Southern Conference Player of the Year,

Stephen Curry has done a considerable measure to make his father glad this season. As of Feb. 22, he had begun 52 diversions for the Warriors, averaging 15 focuses, five helps and four bounce back per amusement. On Feb. 10 he had his first triple twofold; 36 focuses, 13 helps, and 10 bounce back in a victory win against the Los Angeles Clippers.

The consideration Stephen Curry picked up at Davidson impelled him into the first round of the NBA draft, where he was the ninth general determination by the Warriors. He will acquire a $2.7 million pay this season.

Dell Curry showed a diversion including his child in his part as a radio investigator for the Charlotte Bobcats. For Stephen Curry, that was just the same old thing new. the more youthful Curry said. “I think the things I do on the court sort of originate from him, so he’s in my mind amid the diversion and I get a kick out of the chance to keep him included.”

It’s anything but difficult to see that Stephen Curry is taking in the methods for the NBA fine and dandy in his first expert season. When he calls his father, they typically discuss different things than b-ball. “I was a b-ball kid. I’ve been doing this all my life,” the Warriors’ Curry said “Despite the fact that he played 16 years in the NBA, it’s stuff I can make sense of all alone.”

Stephen Curry’s number 30 with the Warriors is the same number Dell Curry wore the majority of his profession. The senior Curry, who completed his NBA vocation in 2002, is recorded as two inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than his 6-3, 185 pound child.

Keeping in mind it is difficult to anticipate a 16-year profession for Stephen now, he has as of now turn into a general starter and is scoring at a more prominent clasp than his father who arrived at the midpoint of only under 12 focuses per amusement for his vocation. In the event that the present pattern transforms into a profession line for the more youthful Curry, soon Dell is considered generally Stephen Curry’s dad