Get the Most Out of Winter Training by Following These Essential Tips

Winter training is different than your usual training during summer or any other sunny season. It’s colder obviously and tougher, which can be a challenge especially when we want to maintain our shape even during winter. So how do we motivate ourselves to get up from our beds and train during the cold season? Here are ten tips down below.

  1. Know Your Purpose
  • First things first, we need to define why we started such a thing in the first place. Once we found out the answer of such, we are now more motivated to push forward despite of the challenges that lies ahead. Ask yourself why working out is important for you. Is it for your family? For your friends? Or just for yourself? Answer these questions and you’ll find yourself preparing that gear bag ready to go beyond.
  1. Set Your Goals
  • Now that you’ve found your purpose, a vision is also established for yourself. Once you’ve established a vision, you’ll need to create goals that can be easily achieved. Don’t try to create goals that’s hard to achieve. This will only result to achieving nothing at all. Try breaking it down into smaller ones that are doable daily or even weekly as long as it’s achievable.
  1. Plan Ahead of Time
  • Winter is indeed more challenging compared to sunny seasons. And planning ahead of time can help you overcome the challenges this season has to offer. Planning wiser and smarter is the key if you want your winter training to be successful. Jot down all the workout sessions that you need to do during winter. Also keep a lookout for the weather forecast so you can plan what kind of gear you need to bring for your outdoor winter training sessions.
  1. Be Organized
  • Some people tend to be more successful during tough and messy situations. But for some, being organized gives you a higher chance to succeed on your goals. This is the case when you go for a jog in the park during the cold winter morning. Prepare your things the night before and put them somewhere near your bed for easy access when the morning comes.
  1. Wear the Right Gear
  • Cotton-made clothes tends to stay wet when you sweat so it’s better to avoid wearing such. Instead, layer yourself with fleece to keep you warm. Opt for a good pair of gloves as well because hands are more sensitive to cold. Keep your feet warm by wearing the right footwear that’s made for the colder season.
  1. Drop it Back
  • It’s important to maintain your momentum even during winter. Strip down your workout routine into smaller parts to get things done more easily. Once you have the energy to get back after, there’ll be plenty of time for you to do the supplementary stuff.
  1. Combine Your Workout Activities
  • Incorporate workouts that you enjoy doing in your daily routine. This enables you to stay motivated and achieve more on the long run. Think of your training sessions as a time for self-reflection. It will shift your mind from doing hard work into something that you do for yourself.
  1. Get a Pair
  • Having a friend to work out and train with you enables you to do more rather than doing anything by yourself. Join a club or invite a friend over to help you out in your sessions. This will make your training sessions more fun, enjoyable and less lonelier.
  1. Make it a Part of Your Routine
  • Make your workout sessions a part of your daily routine to keep its consistency intact. The more you do it every day, the more you realize that training has now become a part of your life. This enables you to achieve more and do more.
  1. Reward Yourself
  • There’s nothing better than rewarding yourself with a hot bath after an intense workout session out in the cold. It’s not just limited to hot baths obviously, get yourself a cup of hot chocolate, or book yourself a massage in the spa, or eat out with your friend. Think of these as rewards for all the hard work you’ve done. This keeps your motivation strong and makes you want to do more in the long run.