The Right Supplements to Improve Ketosis and Boost Endurance

What in the world is a Ketogenic diet? A Keto diet is a diet where you have to consume as less carbohydrates as you can while taking moderate amounts of protein and fat. This enables your body to survive on fatty acids or ketone bodies for energy or body fuel. It’s a great way to improve insulin sensitivity as well as improving muscle development.

Ketone Bodies. What are They?

  • Ketone bodies also called as ketones, are built upon three molecules which are water soluble which then breaks down into acetone. They came from the liver from fatty acids during longer periods of exercises and certain diet programs such as low carb, high fat diet plans.

Ketosis Explained

  • Carbs is the primary fuel source of the body which is then converted into energy. When you restrict carbohydrate intake, your body will find different sources to burn fuel. Fat is the nearest option your body can give it a go. This is where ketones come into play. They are part of the fat burning process or fuel breakdown and this process is called ketosis.
  • Ketones fuel the diaphragm and the heart and ketosis is the state where athletes should be having in. The body is used to glucose burning and switching to fat burning may be difficult for some. Attempting to do it for the first few days may seem uncomfortable, but there are a lot of supplements in the market that will aid you along the way.

What are These Supplements We’re Talking About?

  • Supplements is a great choice to help achieve the state of ketosis. Having a proper diet combined with the right supplements, you’ll be able to achieve ketosis in no time. So what are the essential supplements should we take in order to force your body into a state of ketosis? Let’s take a look at them down below:
  • MCT Oil – Known as Medium Chain Triglycerides, MCT can quickly enter the bloodstream which is then used as an energy source for the brain and muscles. This is very important especially people who are active such as athletes. Taking the right amount of MCT oil every day will help you achieve the state of ketosis faster than following diet regimens. Taking this kind of oil once you achieved the state of ketosis can also keep your energy levels stable. You can get this kind of fat in sources like coconut oil, olive oil, and palm kernel oil. In fact, coconut contains 60% MCT compared to other sources so you should definitely take this one.
  • Exogenous Ketone Supplement – This kind of supplement comes in different varieties including liquid, tablet, and powder. It’s up to you which one should you take though. Taking exogenous ketones helps your body to quickly shift into ketosis and helps you stay in that state. It can put your body in the state of ketosis in an instant and can also help you get back quickly when you accidentally consumed some carbs. For best results, incorporate this supplement into your keto diet.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – Taking this supplement helps the muscles to use the energy from fat metabolism effectively. Having low levels of carnitine will result into a reduction of your body’s ability to use fat as fuel which will then lead into high levels of blood sugar. Stay in ketosis by taking this supplement regularly.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – This supplement is an anti-oxidant which is both fat and water soluble. It is essential if you want to maintain stable insulin sensitivity levels, normal blood sugar levels, and healthy blood vessels.
  • Cinnamon – Taking cinnamon capsules every day improves your insulin receptors and slows down the production of enzymes which is responsible for blocking insulin receptors. It also helps decrease inflammation as well.
  • Curcumin – This one is another anti-oxidant filled with essential anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce liver enzymes from releasing sugar into the bloodstream which is bad for the body. Aside from that, it also helps regulate blood sugar levels, reduces sugar craving, and improve overall insulin receptivity.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre and Chromium – This supplement is essential if you want to reduce your sugar cravings. It also keeps your blood sugar levels into a normal state.

So there you have it! To help your body from getting side effects from the “switch”. An electrolyte supplement should be taken to aid you along the way. Essential electrolytes such as potassium and sodium are ideal to be supplemented while following your ketogenic plan. So what are you waiting for? Start your keto diet journey today!