Top Five Most Physically Demanding Sports

All kinds of sports are physically demanding in each of their own ways. But among all of them, there are five that really stands out among the rest to become one of the most physically demanding sports. So what are these five sports we’re talking about?

  1. Boxing
  • There’s no doubt Boxing is included in the list. It’s considered one of the most physically demanding sport because those who do must know how to control their anger. During the game, boxers must defeat their opponent by blowing punches using their fist, while avoiding getting punched at the same time from their opponent. Mentally inclined boxing is a different kind of thing where it involves other parts of the body such as the heart and lungs.
  1. Moto Crossing
  • Although not actually physically demanding, Moto Crossing is a sport that’s mentally challenging. In the sport, Cyclist must ride their bikes through rough terrains while maintaining their balance at the same time. The terrains also vary by difficulty depending on the kind of terrain you’re going through. These terrains include steep hills, rocky roads, wet and muddy areas that can really challenge players up to their limits. Riders in this sport must be mindful about their diet and training to become smart and more athletic because this kind of racing has no breaks.
  1. Triathlon
  • Triathlon on the other hand, is a sport that requires high amounts of endurance. This is because the athletes must undergo different types of sports continuously while covering a variety of distances. Various sports included in this activity are swimming, cycling, and running, and this is why having a strong endurance is important if you want to enter this sport. Athletes in this sport definitely prioritized their diet program to keep their body in shape to withstand every part of this activity. Triathlon may be difficult, but it isn’t impossible to try one as long as your mental and physical health is on peak.
  1. Basketball
  • While Triathlon uses both mental and physical health, Basketball on the other hand, requires the most fitness. Basketball is a sport that involves all of your body parts to perform various actions such as dribbling, attacking, defending, and shooting. The aim of the sport is to toss the ball into the opponent’s basket and score as high as possible. This makes basketball a physically demanding sport that requires a high level of fitness.
  1. Swimming
  • When we talk about swimming, one question comes into mind: Is swimming the hardest sport of them all? When we look upon it deeply, swimming uses both arms and legs to propel the body under water. During swimming, the water provides about 12 times the resistance a person would normally have while in land, thus making swimming one of the hardest and most physically demanding sport of all time.

To sum it all up, all sport activities requires a certain amount of training. But those sports who require high physical demands must push themselves further by doing harder training to lose more calories while performing such particular sports. The most important thing if you’re an athlete is that you must ready yourself both physically and mentally to conquer whatever sport activity you’re involved in.